Sound conversion rates: Apple says more than half of those trying its music streaming become paying customers – StartupSmart

With the first wave of free trials coming to an end at the start of this month, Tim Cook has revealed that more than half of those that tried Apple Music have signed on as paying subscribers.


Speaking at the Wall Street Journal Digital Live conference, Cook said Apple Music now has 6.5 million paying users and 8.5 million on the three-month free trial, as 9 to 5 Mac reports.


The music streaming platform launched three and a half months ago, and Cook recently said that 11 million people had tried out a free trial.


It’s still a long way behind Spotify, which boasts 20 million paying users, but they’re pretty impressive figures for a streaming service in its infancy.


Just like with its launch, Cook focused on the music curation aspect of Apple Music, saying that it was doing wonders for him.


“Too much of today’s music is about 20 different artists or some very small number,” Cook said. “The guy that’s singing out on the street isn’t being discovered anymore.


“I’m finding personally that I am discovering a whole lot more music than I was before. I was getting into a rut before listening to the same old songs.”



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