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After causing a furore last month by updating its privacy policy to include a whole host of data collection, Spotify has reworked the policy so it can be understood in simple terms.


The privacy policy is much the same, but this time round explains clearly what data the music streaming service will be collecting from users, what permission they must give, and how the data will be used.


It includes a plain language introduction to provide a “healthy dose of clarity and context”.


“We took note of many people’s comments that they appreciated the clear commitments in the blog post that were easier to understand than some of the details of the policy itself,” Spotify CEO Daniel Ek says in a blog post.


The controversy surrounded Spotify’s updated list of data it would collect from users, including photos, locations and voice recordings.


The updated policy now splits the information into two categories: the type of data that all users must submit, and the information only needed for additional features.


“Acceptance of our privacy policy does not mean you have granted us permission to access or use information in the second category,” the policy reads.


“We’re just explaining to you that one day we might ask you for that permission.”


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