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Brisbane-based River City Labs is calling on investment-ready startups around the nation to apply for the chance to pitch at its June investment dinner event RiverPitch


The event aims to encourage investing in early stage companies and change the way investing is done in Brisbane.


Five budding entrepreneurs will be given the opportunity to pitch their idea to 30 pre-qualified investors.


RiverPitch is backed by River City Labs in order to add a new layer to the early stage and mobile, web and internet investment scene in Brisbane.


It caters to investors who want to see pre-screened pitches and engage with entrepreneurs seeking funding. Organisers say it fills a need not currently served by angel investors or venture capital.


RiverPitch differs from an angel group in that it tries to bring together both investors and entrepreneurs in a social setting and does not dictate how any investment might occur.


This is the fifth RiverPitch event, the first of which was held in November 2012.


A number of startups have gone on to raise capital after previous RiverPitch events. These include, most recently: SwipeAds, a game alternative to captchas; and CeeQTM, a visual trademark search engine.


Both SwipeAds and CeeQTM took part the last RiverPitch in September last year.


River City Labs general manger Peta Ellis says three startups have received funding as a direct result of RiverPitch, although she would prefer not to name them.


Entrepreneurs operating in the early stage and startup technology, mobile and internet sector looking for funding of between $50,000 and $500,000 can apply to be pitch at the events by submitting a 90 second video.


“We want to know that we are dealing with real businesses and real startups, with real products and people prepared to pay for that product,’’ Ellis says.


The top 10 applications will pitch at a live event at River City Labs on June 13 which aims to help the startups refine their pitches, with the top five going through to the main event at Brisbane’s Enoteca restaurant on June 24.


Applications close at 5pm on Monday, June 2.


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