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A Sydney-based startup is looking to disrupt the recruitment process for the healthcare industry.


HealthcareLink – an online job-seeker platform for doctors, nurses and others working in the medical industry – also hopes to make it easier for employers to find the right candidate.


Launched 11 months ago, the startup has since seen its user base grow by 50% each quarter. It currently has more than 5000 job-seekers and 700 employers.


The online platform works by allowing employers to set specific criteria for the kind of candidate they are after – such as experience, qualifications, availability and location. At the same time, jobseekers are automatically alerted to jobs that match their profile.


Founder and chief executive Kopi Nadarajah told StartupSmart the purpose of the startup is to connect potential employees and healthcare providers as quickly and efficiently as possible.


“In the healthcare industry it’s all about matching the right person,” he says.


“From an employer point of view they can specify exactly what they’re looking for on our platform. They can specify what kind of job or candidate they’re looking for.”


Nadarajah says while there is definitely an oversupply of graduates with medicine and health degrees, HealthcareLink is different because it is focused on high-skilled professionals.


“If you’re trying to get an internships or junior role there is an oversupply,” he says.


“But that’s not what everyone is looking for. We are making this system for senior experienced people who already have the right visa and speciality… These are the people that are hard to find.”


Nadarajah says because the platform is free and available to everyone, small regional medical practices and specialists as well as government departments and large organisations will be able to benefit from an efficient recruitment process.


Nadarajah says while there is the potential to expand into overseas markets, the startup’s immediate focus is on “getting it right” in Australia.


“We want to do well and serve Australia first and then grow into other countries or other industries.”


A number of niche job-seeking marketplaces have launched in Australia recently. In July this year, Enabled Employment took part in Canberra’s Griffin Accelerator program. The startup is aimed at making it easier businesses to employ people living with a disability.


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