The Audacity to Fail podcast episode four: Zendesk MD Brett Adam on the failure that gave him nightmares – StartupSmart

Zendesk MD and VP of Engineering (Australia and NZ) Brett Adam

In the fourth episode of The Audacity to Fail, an executive from one of the world’s hottest software companies looks back at his journey through the startup world, and the important lessons he learnt in executing on his vision and seizing opportunities.

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Brett Adam now heads Zendesk Australia and New Zealand as managing director and vice president of engineering.

He is also an innovation expert for the Victorian government.

But before all this, Adam was a coder with a knack for entrepreneurship and the audacity to try.

In this episode, Adam reflects on some of his first startups, moving to Silicon Valley and the painful mistake that gave him nightmares.

“We pretty much blew it,” he says.

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