The Audacity to Fail podcast episode one: Kate Morris on her “constant series of failures” while building Adore Beauty – StartupSmart

Shark Tank investor Steve Baxter

In The Audacity to Fail series finale, Shark Tank’s Steve Baxter discusses failure from an investor’s point of view.

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“Sometimes you’ve got to shatter some illusions,” Baxter tells StartupSmart.

While it’s all well and good to talk about failure, Baxter says that the serious consequences when a business collapses shouldn’t be ignored.

Baxter says the broader public and government should give failed founders a second chance, but entrepreneurs should never take this for granted.

“You get to some of these journeys and you just want to pat the guys on the back and say, ‘you know, you gave it a good shot’, and you get to others and you really don’t want to look them in the face,” he says.

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