The top 15 tips in applying for a tech accelerator – StartupSmart

I’ve just finished reviewing 180 business pitches for muru-D and will look at another 100+ for Startmate over the next few weeks.


I’ve whipped together my thoughts on the written applications submitted:


  1. Writing less material is easier to digest and more likely to be digested at all, i.e. write less. Be specific and don’t use buzzwords.
  2. Do something to stand out from the other 179 applications.
  3. Show revenue. If you can’t show revenue, show traction, if you can’t show traction, show tenacity. If you can’t show tenacity, go be tenacious.
  4. Give me a hugely ambitious vision and a believable starting point.
  5. Show us why this is more to you than something you thought about over the weekend.
  6. When talking about your team, tell us what each of them will do.
  7. Give us a video that lets us get to know you, not just a walk through.
  8. Come to events or contact us. If you connect with us 4+ times then we’ll remember you.
  9. Be aware if people have tried this idea before. (Hint: 99% of the time they have.)
  10. Give something back. Create some content or do something that shows you’re prepared to share.
  11. We’re after digital technology businesses, so show us you live and love technology.
  12. We’re about people, so do anything you can to show us personality and emotion.
  13. Read about the companies that got in last time. What were they like? Contact them?
  14. Get someone who has built a tech business to read your application before you submit it.
  15. Again, write less. It takes more time to write less, but it’s worth it.


Mick Liubinskas is co-founder of Pollenizer, mentor/investor in Startmate and entrepreneur in residence for muru-D.

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