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Thursday 27th February at 12:30pm (AEDT)

Digital Business isn’t just having a Facebook page. It’s important that businesses integrate digital thinking into their entire strategy or risk being left behind.

It’s time to integrate ‘digital thinking’ into your business.

Learn how to use digital and online tools to enhance your business’ productivity, from HR to finance; marketing to filing, so you can enhance your business, gain new business and deliver efficiencies with digital technology.

The webinar will cover the basics of developing a digital strategy while starting the process of a digital audit to identify any knowledge gaps, online tools and other online services that are available to improve profitably.


In this free StartupSmart webinar featuring Tim Gentle you will learn:

  • What a digital strategy is
  • The benefits of digital thinking
  • How to use the ‘digital world’ to enhance all aspects of your business
  • Some of the digital tools we can use
  • How to conduct a digital audit on our business



Tim Gentle
Managing Director, Design Experts

Tim heads up Design Experts, a digital studio that delivers branding and online solutions for SME’s. He also delivers workshops based around educating participants on the “the digital world” and has been a workshop leader for Small Business Victoria for 3 years. Tim is an explorer and an innovator. He has a reputation of delivering complex topics in a simple and engaging way. This webinar cuts the confusion of the digital world and makes your business savvy!

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Gavin Lower
Editor, StartupSmart.com.au

Gavin Lower has worked for newspapers and wire services around Australia. Before joining StartupSmart he was a business reporter for Dow Jones Newswires in Melbourne covering media, retail, biotech and telecommunications companies.

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