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Top tips for speaking in public from someone who’s given more than 1000 presentations in their career – StartupSmart

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Mapping out a plan for a speech or presentation before you deliver it will greatly improve your chances of landing a client, motivating your team or turning a negative situation into a positive one, according to one US executive.

Stefan Swanepoel, chairman and chief executive of the Swanepoel T3 Group, has given more than 1000 presentations over 30 years and he is a firm believer that public speaking skills can be taught.

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As Swanepoel explains in this article for Business Insider, working on his public speaking skills has also improved the way he communicates with his colleagues.

The author and management consultant says he uses five key tactics to hone his public speaking skills, starting with mapping out the message he wants to deliver.

“Think through what you want to say and identify the two or three key messages you want listeners to retain,” he says.

“Then, put those into a logical sequence.

“Keep the message condensed and easily understandable. The way to get a message across at work is to narrow it as much as possible. The more focused it is, the better employees will grasp it.”

The next four tactics to remember are: speak from the heart; use visuals to help communicate your message; take time to prepare beforehand (“Never wing it”); and finally, zone in on yourself.

“Business is all about having an idea and communicating your vision, so go ahead,” Swanepoel says.

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