Uber drivers get a direct say in who they pick up – StartupSmart

Uber drivers will now be able to pick up fares while on their way home or running errands with a new feature that launched on Tuesday.


The update will allow drivers to set a destination and filter their matches to only show riders travelling in a similar direction.


A blog post announcing the update says it’s ideal for drivers to earn a bit of cash while they head home, or for more part-time drivers to pick up fares on their way to the shops. Because of this, it’s limited to only two destinations per day.


“Whether it’s commuting to the areas where rides are needed most, driving back home at the end of the day, or running errands around town, drivers can set their destination to earn fares that are along their route,” the post says.


“It’s a great way to earn that last fare of the day heading toward home.”


But as Tech Crunch reports, it’s not a particularly new feature.


Fellow ridesharing service Sidecar was the first to introduce a similar system in 2013, while Uber rival Lyft also starting offering this ability to drivers last year.


Uber is testing the driver destination function in the Bay Area in the US and will be rolling it out globally “soon”.


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