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tech tricksAre you monitoring what your employees are watching online? Although desktop monitoring requires notification to employees, (and in some states, legal authority), you should still be enforcing safe browsing in your workplace.


The reason is simple – you don’t want cyber crime infecting your network. Although start-ups should be using anti-virus and firewall technology, a new report from Norton reveals cyber criminals are using websites to steal data and credit card numbers.


Set out clear policies about what sites your employees can visit online. You could even go so far as blocking some websites you think pose a risk to your company.


“Cybercriminals are lurking in the places where people are downloading illegal content, and they’re using those channels to distribute threats,” the report said.


Enforce safe browsing in your work place and make sure employees aren’t opening up your networks to cyber criminals, which could result in confidential financial data being stolen.

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