Wave Digital – StartupSmart

Founders: Mark Harbottle, Matt Mickiewicz, Leni Mayo
Revenue: $953,000
Started: 2011
Head Office: Victoria
Employees: 8
Industry: Information technology

Wave Digital describes itself as a leading mobile solutions provider. In essence, it builds mobile sites, mobile apps and web applications for companies large and small throughout Australia.


Two of the founders, Harbottle and Mickiewicz, are also the founders of book and website publisher SitePoint, which operates online graphic design marketplace 99designs.


Harbottle, Mickiewicz and Mayo started Wave Digital to take advantage of their technical expertise in all things mobile, after noticing large enterprises were looking for agile development agencies in the mobile sphere.


The most challenging part of starting the business was customer acquisition, with Harbottle admitting it was “a much slower process than we envisaged”.


The best part of starting the business has been the ability to change in response to the market, the ability to try new things and a great team atmosphere, Harbottle says.


“We pioneered responsive web design before many of our customers had even heard of it; for example, VicRoads,” he says.


“Our Road Closures & Traffic Alerts site has won two awards already and was a finalist in the Australian Mobile Awards 2012.


“Our service offering is unique, as far as web/mobile development agencies go, as each client is assigned to a developer that they can speak with directly rather than a middle man.”

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