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What are the key things I need to cover off in a staff performance review?

Many managers get confused about the purpose of a performance review, often believing that it is an opportunity to focus on past issues or an employee’s underperformance.


However, rather than being a destructive process, a performance review should be constructive, allow for two-way conversation and focus on output.


Whether you conduct an annual or biannual review, it should be linked to the company’s goals and objectives and makes up just one part of your performance management system.


The formal review process gives the manager and the employee a forum to discuss particular areas relevant to the employees position and also provides an opportunity, if applicable, to reward performance.


It also benefits the employee with understanding what is expected of them and can identify opportunities for improvement, career planning and development.


The most important purpose is to improve performance in the future.


Areas to be covered include:

  • Achieving future business goals.
  • Giving feedback on work performance.
  • Improving teamwork, morale and communication.
  • Training and coaching needs.
  • Assessing job satisfaction.

A good performance management system will be ongoing during the year and consist of praise for good performance or feedback or more formal discussions, for unacceptable behaviour.


Following on from our recent StartupSmart performance management webinar, Lisa Spiden from fibreHR sums it up with the following advice: “Performance reviews must contain feedback on agreed measures and outcomes (including behaviours), they should also include an opportunity to discuss development needs, what the employee is enjoying and not enjoying and what the next 12 months looks like for both the business and the employee.”


Keep in mind that some individuals get quite anxious about having a review.


It is essential to give your employees advanced notice and explain that it is invaluable process to share information.


The outcomes of the review should be valuable to the employee, management and the company.

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