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On a mission to end some of the world’s most grievous problems with cutting-edge technology, Melinda Gates says she and partner in life and business Bill Gates have become “impatient optimists”.

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Speaking to Fast Company, Gates explains it can sometimes take as long as eight to 10 years to see the results of their efforts.

It’s a problem many entrepreneurs and investors in the impact-driven startup space experience, so how do the Gates stay motivated?

They always remember the big picture.

“We’re impatient for the science to catch up and go quickly and we’re curious learners,” Melinda Gates says.

“We always want to be on that cutting-edge and knowing who the great scientists are that are working on problems, and combining science with math and data systems to make change on behalf of the world.”

Remembering the deeper purpose of their mission at hand, whether it’s ending malaria in their lifetime or empowering more women entrepreneurs to fight global poverty, has helped the Gates say focused regardless of the challenges.

And Gates says they’re not the only ones who can do this.

“Everyone in this room has the ability to change somebody’s life,” she said during a live talk at Dreamforce in 2016.

“If you put your mind, your shoulder and your energy, your heart into those things, you can change the world and you are changing the world.”

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