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David Perks

Cloud computing is becoming more essential but many small businesses still don’t know where to start. That confusion sparked an idea in David Perks, who founded cloud computing consultancy business Within Reach.


The business works with SMEs to get the right cloud services for them, finding solutions tailored to their problems.


Of course, there have been challenges. Perks says many businesses are moving their IT from an “on-premise” model into the cloud, causing some teething issues.


But he says he’s identified an edge in being able to “speak with business owners about business solutions…and make these happen with fewer cost obstacles and shorter lead time to benefit than where an in-house solution required a lot of capital procurement, facilities and peripheral activity to support the business outcome”.


But ultimately, the biggest challenge has been hiring people. Perks has maintained a thorough hiring process, being “very selective” about talent. He has even become a 457 visa sponsor to find the best staff from overseas.


“Don’t compromise on the quality of people you hire,” he warns. “Do whatever it takes to retain and inspire the talent in your team.”

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