Tilt+Co – StartupSmart

Founders: Stu Cameron, Glen Jobson, Geoff Anson
Revenue: $570,000
Started: 2011
Head Office: New South Wales
Employees: 4
Industry: Other

The world has gone digital, but a lot of companies have gotten lost in the new realm and struggled to keep their marketing strategies up-to-date. Tilt&Co was created to help companies maximise new technology and keep pace with the market.


Tilt&Co, a creative technology agency, provides services aimed at helping companies mobilise their web assets, convert printed materials such as brochures into digital products and app development.


“Tilt & Co is a creative technology agency reshaping the way people experience digital content, utility and entertainment through mobile channels. The company creates simple-to-use, intuitive and highly functional digital solutions that help brands and companies to create, communicate, and distribute content across a multi-channel digital market,” founder Geoff Anson says.


When starting the company, the founders were motivated from their own experiences in the digital media sector, but also saw the opportunity as “a lot of fun”.


“Based on our combined decades of experience in technology and digital media related industries we saw an incredible market opportunity when the iPhone and then the iPad were released to address significant changes in how individuals were wanting to engage with each other and with brands and organisations of all kinds.


“We foresaw a trillion dollar industry developing and wanted to be a part of delivering solutions and making our fortunes,” Anson says.


Now making over $1 million in revenue, the company cost $100,000 to get off the ground and took 20 months to crack the $1 million mark.


Tilt&Co say its biggest challenge so far has been being early to the market.


“The people (buying public) were ready and demanding change, but the brands, departments and organisations have been slower to implement and meet those needs than we would have liked initially.


“Digital disruptive technologies are bringing about fundamental upheaval and change to most organisations. It’s natural for most people to greatly dislike change, especially when it means their jobs could be at risk.”

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