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Top tips from Australia’s best mumpreneurs – Page 2 of 2 – StartupSmart

Just jump in


Tina Harris, from kids entertainer outfit Lah-Lah Products, says: “I just jumped in. It was a big risk but it felt like the right thing and I knew if I gave it my all it would work.




“There is such a shift after you become a mum and the working world looks so different. Being in an industry with children and families really felt like the right place for me at the time and it has really blossomed into a truly rewarding career.”





Differentiation is, however, key in an increasingly crowded mumpreneur market, something Northey fully appreciates.


“Bamboo Bubby is a manufacturer of specialist eczema clothing for babies and children with its Adjust-a-Sleeve design being its point of difference compared to other ranges on the market.”


“No other clothing range focuses on a solution that provides good value to parents who have already made sizable investments in eczema products,” she says.

Says McCarter: “I suggest looking for gaps within the market and identify needs not being met.”


“I operate a family deal site and the group buying industry is not known for its superior customer service.”


“As soon as I told people I was starting up a family deal site the first thing they would tell me was about their bad experiences.”


“I quickly assessed there was a clear opportunity for a customer-focused family deal site.”


“We also differentiate ourselves with our 5% donation program. Every purchase on Bubbler generates a 5% donation to an approved primary school, kindergarten or playgroup the purchaser selects,” she adds.


Toni Joel, whose gift business Tonic won the overall 2012 AusMumpreneur of the Year award, says differentiating your business is all about “doing something you believe in”.


“If I’m looking for a new scent for a candle I’m more likely to go into the garden than look at what other people are doing,” she says.

“It’s all about finding a direction from your own space.”


All the award winners


  • AusMumpreneur of the Year: Nikki Horovitz and Toni Joel of Tonic
  • Rising Star AusMumpreneur: Tina Harris of Lah-Lah
  • Emerging AusMumpreneur: Elise Easdown of What’s on 4 Little Ones – Australia
  • Product Innovation: Dyna Predebon of Adoorabear
  • Service Business of the Year: Kristen Semmens of Nitpro & Ziggetty Snipits Robina
  • Favourite Blog: Jasmine Boothey of Bargain Mums
  • Favourite Boutique: Amanda Edwards & Simone Norris of inviteme.com.au
  • Favourite Product: Kelly Northey of Bamboo Bubby
  • Favourite Eco-friendly: Dalal Ozdemir of EarthyMamma
  • Favourite Handmade: Michelle Jeanes of Wicked Soy Candles & Melts


  • Customer Service: Katrina McCarter of Bubbler Deals
  • Making a difference: Nicky Johnston of Happy Hero

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